Windows 10 – The Future is Bright

The day is finally here!! I have been waiting patiently for Microsoft to release its New Windows 10 operating system. With the purchase of a new computer a month ago, only came frustration as it was running on … what? WINDOWS 8.1.  I experienced dread and horror as flying icons popped out on my computer screen when I touched the letter “C”. Arrowing down was like riding on a roller coaster and Right Click was a thing of the past.

In reviewing the installation options and searching for what to expect with Windows 10, I found a very nice and articulate article that sums up the release and what was to come with Windows 10, written by Tom Warren of the Verge:

Windows 10 review
The future is bright
By Tom Warren on July 28, 2015 12:00 pm @tomwarren

leftquoteLooking back at Windows 8, it’s easy to see where Microsoft went wrong. It was a giant bet on touch-based computing, but it made using a PC with a keyboard and mouse awkward, frustrating, and outright confusing…    rightquote

Read More at The Verge:
The Future is Bright by Tom Warren

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