My Dog Calhoun

I was talking with my mom on the phone today complaining about the summer heat in La Paz, Mexico, where I am living.

She told me a story from my childhood. I grew up in Piedmont, California, a small city in the Bay Area across the bay from San Francisco. My Dad became fond of an area in the Northern California Sierras known as Lake Tahoe. He was determined to purchase a cabin there and make it our second home. He made this a reality and it forever changed our lives.

To get to Tahoe we had to drive through the Sacramento Valley along side the Sacramento river where the temperatures can get above 100 degrees
in the summer time. In those days cars did not have AC.  Regardless, we happily made the journey most every weekend with our wire haired mutt, Calhoun. My Dad named Calhoun after John Caldwell Calhoun, the 7th vice president of the United States from 1825 to 1832. On one particular drive, it got so hot in the car that Calhoun could take no more. As a type A, car chasing kind of dog, Calhoun always got his way.

He sensed a body of water nearby and instinctively he knew it would cool him.  He lunged, flew out the car window and landed in the river. We were terrified. Wally, my Dad, took charge.  His rescue to save our beloved Calhoun began.

Dad reeled the car to the side of the freeway and tore off after Calhoun. Calhoun was not a water dog. He barreled down the side of the hill to the rivers edge and coaxed the determined wire hair back to the waters’ edge.

Saving the day, he returned to the car with a cooled off Calhoun and the day began again. 

We resumed our drive to our favorite childhood and lifetime sanctuary at 2664 Shady Lane, located in the Timberland neighborhood in Homewood, CA on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe.


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