The world without tech SEO

I read an interesting article on Search Engine Watch about the laymans understanding of Technical SEO. An interesting point was:

The world without tech SEO

At the core, the assertion of the post is: Technical SEO can tart your site up for search engines, but won’t bring in the money.

And it is this assertion that I would like to challenge most vehemently, taking four examples from the technical SEO world.

1. Botched migration

We’ve all been there. A client is going through a migration but doesn’t want to shell out for a full service, saying “Our development team has done loads of these.” Only to watch from the side-lines as some fairly basic errors cost them all of their visibility, and only then to be asked for your help to fix it.

There is so much technically that can go wrong in a migration;

No 301 mapping

.htaccess rules not written correctly/efficiently

Staging environment gets indexed

Staging robots.txt or meta robots data brought over to live

Different versions of PHP/Apache/jQuery between environments

I could go on, but the point is without technical SEO any one of these numerous issues could kill your site dead, overnight.

Article by: 16 Jun 16 | Max Holloway

Yahoo wants to return to its roots as a search engine

In the news posted by Quartz6 hours ago

Yahoo wants to be a search giant once more

“Under the new terms, Bing is serving the majority (51%) of Yahoo’s search results, but Yahoo is free to generate the remaining results using its own technology or with another partner—both options the company is currently exploring. (Yahoo is running a limited test serving Google search results…”

Google’s Mobile Friendly Evaluation – Important!

Update! There is a new Google Ranking/Algorithm update that is expected to go into place on or about April 21, 2015. This is an algorithm where Google can and will identify those sites that are not mobile friendly and score the sites’ ranking accordingly i.e. if a website is not mobile friendly it may suffer a ranking decline.

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